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Information - Creates an Information tab menu system.


Creates an Information tab menu system.

Live example:

(Example of Information tab)

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  • Tab highlights when selected.
  • Tab has Quick Links drop-down button.
  • Menu items shown in sub-navigation bar.
  • Breadcrumb shows current path.
  • Ability to add sub-menus.
  • Simple template system.
How to add additional links:
  1. Edit the andy_information...

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Nice add-on!!

Could there be a way to add/change links via adminCP/options at all please?? I will forget where it's hidden otherwise - template edits really aren't my thing as i forget where they are, and therefore never get changed/updated!!

Can you use this information add on to create a page inside the site? For example - About us" when clicked opens up a page, Privacy" when clicked opens up the page for it etc?
@Paul, that's part of your style I think. The "quick links" (drop down links) show up on the lower part of the nav bar when you click the "information" link on the nav bar. In this case, "Google" is the only default quick-link, and it's showing up in your invisible lower part of the nav bar.

@AndyB this is a nice one that I might use on a new site. It would be *really* nice if the links were configurable via a menu instead of a template edit...but I personally have no problem with code.
nice resource. just to check, if you wanted multiple pages/tabs (like on your own site) would you have to do it as multiple add-ons or can the code just be modified?

many thanks
AndyB updated Information with a new update entry:

See description

On Jan 1, 2016 version 1.2 of this add-on was released to address an exploitable SQL injection vulnerability. If you are still using a version of this add-on which is below 1.2 or released before Jan 1, 2016 then it is essential that you update to the latest version of the add-on as soon as possible to fix this security issue. If you have any further questions, please ask.

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