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Can someone please update or completely re-make the individual username formatting add-on originally done for the 1.x series by @tyteen4a03 for Xenforo 2.x and beyond?

What the add-on does:
A permissions based add-on that allowed permitted groups to be able to change the formatting of their username across the entire forum. This included (but not limited to :
bold username
foreground color
background color
border color
border style
font style/family
background image (gradient) if desired.

This should be allowed across the entire forum and can be achieved by using rich usernames. Here are some photos I have of my time with the 1.x add-on......

rev aug 2014.GIF RevForumSpring2015.PNG

I know these are mostly of the index, but I hope you get the idea. :) If anyone can make this add-on for XF2 that'd be great! Feel free to PM me if more information is needed. :)

Edit: Found the original add-on here. :)
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@Liam W I noticed you did a global group styling add-on for usergroups, my request is similar, would you be interested in doing this as another version? :)
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