Add-on Individual Name formatting based on usergroup.


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I'm looking for a particular add-on for Xenforo that was available for IP.Board when I used it (since version 1.0 in fact) What it does is allows usergroups with permission to change the formatting and styling of their username letting them change the foreground and background coloring of it also adding a border color and style. Changing the font style as well (bold, italic, normal, SmallCaps etc) Decorations including underline, overline, strike-through, etc. I can provide examples if needed, best example on XF already would be IGN's boards but i will provide further ones if needed. (here is another example.)

I've been trying to get someone to code this for me for Xenforo, and of course it'd have to appear around the forum wherever a username was displayed (Well in most places as possible would be nice, users online, last poster info, topic info, profiles, memberlist.)

If someone is willing to take this on, I'd be incredibly grateful. :)


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Arny, MOZ took that mod down for a few reasons and it is unsupported at this time. I'd also like to re-request this add-on be made but in a different manner. Instead of requiring HTML/CSS input, a pre-defined dropdown of colors and styles would be nice. :)

An example of what i mean can be read about here. (This is a mod for IPB 3.2.x)


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moz released version 2 at

i am using it on my own forums:)
Got a link to that? and does it work with 1.1.4? Plus, MOZ's mod doesn't work the way I want, it requires users to know HTML and CSS in order to use it. Not what I want for my users.


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Nah it's not listed here. According to XFShowcase it's still in 'testing' as well.
Stylize Me 2.0.

Still, can someone create my request? I'm looking for something a little different....I want something more along the lines of what I posted above...


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Not really a shame....

He released it at xFS as what it is. Had he released it here, the support wouldn't be available, and eventually he would be drug through the mud for posting a resource that he is not able to support at this time.

At least he decided to make it available.


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Willing to pay a developer, right now, $70 to get this mod made the way I want!
Don't care if you release it for free as long as you support it and keep it updated with each XF version! If a developer is interested in taking this on, please PM me so we can discuss the feature-list further so the mod is created how I want it to work and safely without loopholes/security risks!