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Hi all,

My name is Russell and I purchased Xenforo to create a forum for my wife and her passion for writing and self-publishing books. I would love to have your opinions and suggestions on my forum, it's layout, etc...I do admit though, that it is a mostly stock install of Xenforo.

Any suggestions, critiques, comments are greatly appreciated :).


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Hey @Rusty! Fellow indie author here :) the bright green is a little tough on my eyes - maybe there's some sort of paper/papyrus based theme out there that would fit the whole book theme for you. Good luck! I'll definitely pop by and register next week.


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Yeah I was thinking the bright green is a little rough! I'll definitely change it. Thanks very much for the suggestion :)

I went ahead and changed the color scheme completely(back to default). It's much easier to read now.
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