Indicator in conversations

Indicator in conversations


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Shelley submitted a new resource:

Indicator in conversations - This will exclusively apply a "new" indicator in your conversation list

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Summary: This simple enhancement will display (exclusively) a new indicator after the title in your conversations listings.

Install: Paste the following in your EXTRA.CSS template or you could add the class name to your existing code if your using a previous release which is related to this resource.

.conversation_list .discussionListItem.unread .title:after {
background-color: #BE4F4F;
border: 1px...

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This is a really nice touch, Shelley! If I may make one suggestion, though: I would change the "NEW" text to be phrased - I'd modify the CSS like this:

content: "NEW";

Replace with:
content: "{xen:phrase new}";
text-transform: uppercase;

But other than that, this is an excellent resource - thank you for sharing it! :)