XF 2.2 indexRoute missing


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Have updated a minute ago, tried to change the indexRoute.
It is not there in the form: /admin.php?options/groups/basicBoard/
Have searched in table options, found it there. Cant change it with phpMyAdmin.
Have deactivated all addons with enableListeners=0; no result! indexRoute is not there.
Tried to search for indexRoute, found it, clicked it, form field not there.

You may have an sql till this is fixed?
Checked source code, it is there, but not shown in the form:

<span class="u-anchorTarget" id="indexRoute"></span>

            <dl class="formRow acp--advanced formRow--input">
                    <div class="formRow-labelWrapper">
                    <label class="formRow-label" for="_xfUid-7-1641678872">Indexseite Route</label>
                    <dfn class="formRow-hint">(adv) indexRoute (100)
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