Ryan Kent

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I moved my site from the /community folder to the public_html folder. What happens now is:

I type in The URL is changed to I get a "requested page cannot be found" error. I see my nav bar and then can navigate anywhere in the site except my home page (XenPorta Home). When I click the home page, it takes me to which then transforms the URL to /community/portal and then I am back at the error page.

The rest of my board appears perfect. My forums url is, etc. My problem is being able to get to the home page via the normal URL. My Board URL (ACP > Basic Board Information) shows as I have also tried adding a /portal but that did not work. I've tried changing to /forum as well which also did not work.

Currently in XenPorta I have the option checked: Set as Index Controller. Move forums to /forum/ and set /portal/ as the index. I have tried unchecking that option but it has no effect on this issue.


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Sorry, I can't really help as I don't have the portal installed so I'm not familiar with it.

Have you tried asking in the portal thread?

Alternatively have you tried restarting your server?
This tends to cure most problems related to moving the install location.

Ryan Kent

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when you say restart the server, I am on a shared server. I don't think I can request for a server restart? Or is there a way I can just restart my site's portion of the server? a specific process or something?

Ryan Kent

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another question....if I just want to set up my site "normally" i.e. as if I didn't have XenPorta, and have the site direct to forums as my home page, that would be fine! Other then restarting the server is there anything else I can do?