XF 2.2 Increase Last Seen Value


I want to increase the value of the last seen function so for example

Right now it goes on the users profile
Last Seen 59 minutes ago after that it just says "Today at **" anything an hour and over

how would i increase that to 4 hours for example??

thank you

Nicolas FR

Well-known member
if you don't master the php then it's going to be hard for you to handle this kind of customization. As a rule, here in the forum, customizations are made in HTML and CSS (Less) files. As far as the PHP is concerned, it requires the help of a developer who will probably have to be compensated.


Like I have coded in PHP before but since I’m new to this software I’m struggling a little bit since every software is programmed slightly different if there’s not much I can do I can deal with it.