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Lack of interest increase font of button "Post New Thread"


Well-known member
why is the FONT in the button "Post New Thread" much smaller than the Font we have in the navigation-bar (like for the words "Inbox" , "Alerts". Log Out", etc.) ?
The font of the words "Post New Thread" is also much smaller than the Font used for the breadcrumb-words like e.g. "Home".

The font for the words "Post New Thread" is just too small and the words in white color are hard to read because of the light-blue button-color.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
You can change that in the Style Properties system in the ACP.

Buttons -> Call To Action...

The font px is actually the same, 11px for both.
Only the font face and weight varies.


Well-known member
I am just trying to give feedback to improve the quality of the XF-product from my perspective.
This is the most important button and it should not be hidden away with such a small font it is hard to read.....