XF 1.4 Incorrect Post ID Leading To Wrong Quote Notifications


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I'm not sure how this happens, but this is happening a bit often with multiple people.
  • User A quotes a post of User B
  • User X is alerted because User A's quote 'post' number is missing some digits.
Example, this post contains a quote, the original quote is supposed to be for post '668240' however the quote has somehow changed to post '240'


This has happened with multiple members, so I doubt that they are editing the 'post' id by mistake/purposely. Is there any possibility of the system getting the wrong post id, or any server side problem/corruption?


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The only reason I could see an incorrect post_id coming up like would be related to an add-on, but there should at least be some rhyme or consistency as to why it's happening. Is it something you can reproduce at all? (Particularly when quoting a post someone else had problems with.)

Otherwise, editing is really the only thing I could come up with.