XF 1.5 Incorrect Moderator list via nav bar drop-down. How do I fix it?

When I look at the list of moderators via the nav-bar MEMBERS drop-down, there are 9 moderators shown. 5 of the 9 listed moderators are moderators in forums that are only open to dues-paying Members, or BOD members. The restricted forums they moderate are not visible to "normal" users, and (correctly) the specific forums that are invisible to them are not listed. But there's no reason they should be listed at all, because none of the forums they moderate are visible to the general public. The 4 remaining moderators in the list are only responsible for "their" forums, and cannot moderate elsewhere. That leaves a BUNCH of forums with no listed moderator.

BUT... We have 25 members in the Moderators group, including 14 Super Moderators, and a couple Administrators.
Most of the SM's have 1 or more forums that they are primarily responsible for, but they can intervene in forums that aren't specifically assigned to them. Shouldn't EVERY moderator - or at least the ones with assigned forum(s) appear in that list, even if they're SM's or admin's? Looking at that list, MOST of our forums don't appear to have an assigned moderator, even though ALL the most popular ones DO have assigned moderators. The assigned moderators are visible IN the forums they'e responsible for, but not in what I assume is supposed to be a complete list of moderators for the entire MB.
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Do you mean the "Staff Members" page? If so, it's just listing users that have "Display user as staff" selected in their account. You don't have to be a moderator for that be selected (and moderators don't have to have that selected).
No, and I just realized that it's part of our ThemeHouse UI.X theme. So this isn't the right place to ask. :oops: Sorry. Any chance one of the moderators could move my question into the correct forum?
I mean here: ModList.png
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