XF 2.1 Incorrect "latest member" for forum and "last online" for many users


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Multiple members have the wrong last online date. For example, someone could have been online yesterday, but it says they were last online a week ago. Also, the "latest member" in forum statistics has not changed in over a week. I checked and many users have registered since.

The last online date for some users and the displayed latest member's registration date are the same day. I'm not sure if it's the same day for every user with an incorrect date or not. The last online dates of these members are correct when they are currently online, but may revert back to the incorrect date as soon as they are offline again.

The only things that have changed recently:
  • Had the recent MariaDB issue and upgraded PHP from 7.2 to 7.4.
  • Had an error about the session activity table getting too full. I truncated the table both times to get the forum back online. I later doubled max_heap_table_size to help prevent it from happening again.
At first it seems like it could be related to session activity since the issue has to do with when users have been online. However, they have been online since I truncated the table and made changes, but their date is still wrong. Could it be related to the MariaDB issue? I know that some people have said simply upgrading PHP didn't work for them, but I haven't seen any other issues unless this is one of them.
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I finally figured this out. The wrong info was because the cron entries weren't running. This also explains why the xf_session_activity table filled in the first place. Somehow the cron job was removed from xf_job. I clicked a random cron entry and saved it as explained here and they all ran about 10 minutes later.