XF 2.2 inconsistent 'jumping to the latest post'


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I have reports that clicking a forum title which often takes them to the latest post, sometimes dumps them at the beginning of the topic. Many of them are experiencing it, it's never something thats able to be reproduced. Is this cookie based? Based off some cache in the DB or something? or?
Yes, I also experience this, but it isn't "latest post", but first unread post.

And yes, I still don't know what's going on. I think it might have something to do with very old threads "risen from dead", but not necessary.
If the post date marking time has passed, the thread will be loaded at the first post.

There will then be a button at the top which will load the oldest unread post.

OK, I get it. But, I saw this behavior also on forums I read often, i.e. each day, so it isn't possible not to read some posts for 28 days and then see this type of behavior because of it.
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