Inconsistency with Postings page in user profile


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When you view a user's profile and go to the Postings page under that ("recent-content" URL), it appears to be hard-coded to list the most recent 15 posts. However, at the bottom of that page, the "See more" link leads to a search for the user's posts which shows a number of posts per page which is configurable in the admin panel, but which I'm pretty sure defaults to 20.

This difference between 15 posts shown on the Postings page and 20 (or however many) results per page after you click "See more" can lead to confusion. Many people would make the faulty conclusion that they can skip the first page of results when they go to "See more", assuming they were all listed on the Postings page. And thus they would miss 5 posts in the default example.

Perhaps the hard-coded 15 results for the Postings page could be switched to use the Admin panel setting for search results per page, so 20 by default? Or at least have it configurable in some way and not hard-coded. It might also be nice to skip right to the 2nd page of search results when you click "See more" so that you're not jumping to the same list of posts you saw on the previous Postings page.
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It's also this way in What's New and other areas. Never really liked how it works, I'd like it to drop down and continue not refresh and show a new number, as stated.