[Included Feature] Attachments: when between IMG tags, hide the small thumbnails at the bottom


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I recently paid for a modification on vB.org. The reason was we have a 'photo thread' on our forums for photographers, and they often post attachments in their original size between the [ IMG ][ /IMG ] tags. This is nice because you can immediately see the pictures in all their glory, without having to enlarge from thumbnails.

The problem is that the small thumbnails at the bottom of the post still show up, cluttering the post, while they are at that point completely useless. What I propose, is a checkbox (somewhere, I have it in the newreply.php/newthread.php) that allows you to hide the attachment thumbnails, so only hotlinked attachments in that particular post are shown.

Thanks for considering this little feature.


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You can already include full size attachments in the post body and they aren't shown at the bottom of the post (unless it's not used in the post).


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Thanks Mike, this is great, it seems all my modifications are already included in XF:D

ps: sorry that I didn't check it first.