Add-on Include Media Title in Link and Search


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I have members on my site who posted way more videos than actual posts. This results in a lot of unsearchable posts. If I'm looking for a video they posted... I can't really find it because the video had no title. It was just a link. So for instance, you see where it says "View: youtube link etc" at the bottom of the vid?

That "View: http://www.. etc" should import the video title. It would be great for SEO and easier to find vids.

We can't see anything about the video in search results.

Instead of [media] it would be cooler and more convenient if it included the title of the video.

Extra: A thumbnail would be cool too.

This also a suggestion. Please like the first post:


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After some review I've noticed that no one uses the media gallery on my site to post random videos. They'd rather do that within threads. I thought about it and realized this is the same type of behavior on other social networking sites such as Facebook. They don't add videos to their albums, they just post it on their wall or during status comments. Because of this, I've asked @Chris D to Force Media Gallery Usage.

I haven't heard any word from him about that so for now I will still need this addon for Xenforo.

Basically, whenever a user adds a video using Xenforo's default BB Media Site functionality, the embedded video should include a link with the title of the vid.

That's all I'm asking for. I would pay for this feature.


I'd create a new thread with each category from the media gallery and move some related posts there. @Daniel Hood Multi Prefix will come in handy. So for example. I have a YouTube thread with the prefix 'Video'. There are some funny videos in that thread. I would take the funny videos and move them into a different thread called Funny Vids On The Web and attach the prefix 'video' and a new thread prefix called 'Funny'. Thanks to Prefix Forum Listing by @Fuhrmann these categories will be easy to reach. With @Nobita.Kun Threads Created Profile Page Tab that shows prefixes, users will easily be able to see some of their older posts.