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I have members on my site who posted way more videos than actual posts. This results in a lot of unsearchable posts. If I'm looking for a video they posted... I can't really find it because the video had no title. It was just a link. So for instance, you see where it says "View: youtube link etc" at the bottom of the vid?

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That "View: http://www.. etc" should import the video title. It would be great for SEO and easier to find vids.

We can't see anything about the video in search results.

Instead of [media] it would be cooler and more convenient if it included the title of the video.

Extra: A thumbnail would be cool too.

I also made an Addon Request Thread:

In case this idea gets turned down.
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Can this feature be at least added in Enhanced Search? I would buy that addon for that feature alone cause I can't find some old videos. I have to then go off site and look for a vid in YouTube. I would rather keep people on my site and be able to easily search my site for embedded media (cause it had the title attached to it). Basically, whenever a user adds a video using Xenforo's default BB Media Site functionality, the embedded video should include a link with the title of the vid.