XF 1.5 incapable of large images?


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My phone takes 5344 x 4008 pics, so since i'm lazy i just wanted to upload the full image without mass changing sizes of the photos.
so under Options > Attachments i set the max size much larger than i need.
The issue is when i upload the graphics, they go to 100% but when i try to insert them into the post, they simply don't.
what i mean by that is i click on the "insert all as thumb" or "all normal size" or however it's worded, and nothing happens.
IF i drop the resolution down to say 1600 x 1200 it works fine.
I haven't tried to find the max size that this issue happens, would just be nice to know what's going on.

it's not the file size, i have the file limit at 6 or 6.5mb and even ran them through kraken.io trying to trouble shoot