Inbox limitation & More


I wanted to see how I can configure some settings for different user groups. Before when we had vB we gave Premium Users the ability to:
  1. Upload files up to 5 MB in size. I don't see that setting anywhere for different user groups?
  2. 1,000 message PM box capacity. - and can further upgrade PM box capacity to 5,000 messages. I don't see where I can set that on Xenforo?
  3. Enter a custom user title (displays beneath your avatar). - is there a way I can limit that to just groups?
Apart from that to specific user groups. What are you setting these as in the Signature Permissions?
  • Maximum links:
  • Maximum images:
  • Maximum smilies:
and under Forum Permissions what do you have as a suggestive setting for:
  • Time limit on editing/deleting own posts (minutes):
Thanks for your time.. and I will watch this thread. :)
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There are no conversation message capacity settings
Attachment space settings are global, not definable by usergroup
"Edit custom title" is in General Permissions (usergroup permissions).

Time limit on editing/deleting own posts (minutes)
I'm still undecided, but all my new/low post count member group I have it set to 60 (I believe that is the default setting), and disallow signatures. Main reason being, just in case they are a spammer they will not be able come back latter and edit/add links. I've seen spammers do this, they post what appears to be a legitimate post, but then edit the post day(s) latter and add a link. I'm assuming these are human spammers.