In praise of Brogan


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I often just click Like for you Brogan as I don't want to clog your notifications unnecessarily with thank yous.
But sometimes it seems appropriate to spell it out that I do very much appreciate your patience and steady balance in all the mass of support, mediation, and information supply you do.

I'm no gushing fangirl as you know. I speak my mind and I don't tolerate bullies or irresponsibility. The vulnerable and newbie uncertain don't get roughed up on my watch and I value your similar forthrightness.

Of course you're no saint but the number of times I've seen you lose patience and act sharp when not appropriate are miniscule when compared to the mountain of patience and sheer hard graft you put in.

You are one of the Great Magical Treasures of Britain - I was going to say in XF terms but on reflection I'm sure your strength goes in other directions too.

But let's just say you're a damn fine moderator mate.

Mike Creuzer

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lol there can never be too many appreciation threads.

I think, in my opinion, that it just comes down to not having been treated this way by a platform development/moderator group ever before. It is truly refreshing and makes me quite proud to be a part of the community here.


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I really doubt Brogan is a real human & not a bot. Come on, how can a human reply the solution within 3 secs to creating the thread ? :ROFLMAO:


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Nope. he might copy paste few, but not all. Till now only copy paste I observed from him was link to FAQ thread. That's all.

and this time, I am not kidding :)


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Nah. Loads of what he does is pasted from his FAQ or manual or previous answers.
I recognise it because I do it myself in support mode.


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Always glad to have such a fantastic member on a community like this. Honestly, I wonder if brogan really sleeps :p
Thanks a lot mate, your support is greatly appreciated :)