Lack of interest Improve censoring so it cannot easily be broken with standard formatting BBCode

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If I type a censored word - the F-word for example ... **** ... it gets filtered by the censor as expect. Good. Phew!

If I now apply a colour to the letter 'u' in the word, the BBCode that applies the colour also breaks the censor, rending the naughty word on screen (I've opted not to display it, but rather show what's happening in the code window below):

I would like to suggest an improvement to the censoring system so that it filters out all of the common BBCodes that the XF editor uses.

It won't stop people using censored words, but it would improve things and block many of the common get-arounds that people apply.

And whilst I realise this might be considered a moderation issue by many, with a forum that gets up to 2000 posts per day, it's not as easy as you might think to spot them all and deal with the people responsible; hence the request for a more comprehensive censor. (y)

Shaun :D
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