Importing to a different domain

I have a very old (started in 2001) vB 3.8.7 site which is highly modified. I am at a crossroad of whether to shutter the site at the end of the year and drop this as my "hobby", or to switch software. In part the problem is I'm in my mid-60's now and I would have to hire an expert who has done imports (I'm just too "out of date" to do all the stuff I used to do myself) to do the import (and yes, I know - $$$ for a professional).

But to my main question - Let's say I have 2 domains and I want to import vB from one domain to another leaving the old vB 3.8.7 running for another year or so on the "old" domain but turned off to new posts. And yes - I know there is a re-direct option. I have some personal reasons for wanting to keep the old forum online and only import forums, threads and post attachments to the "new" forum on a different domain.

Your comments are appreciated.


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It is possible to do an import between servers but it can prove to be problematic.
Wherever possible it should be done on the same box.

Ideally you would take a backup of the vB installation and copy it to the new server, then perform the import.
I'm in the process of replying in the other thread I started here this morning, but to repeat here what I am in the process of writing there - I have a dedicated box with what is now IBM in Data Center 5 in Dallas. I went from the old Verio years ago to "The Planet" to Softlayer and now IBM. I run 3 domains on the box, only 1 of which is actually "in use". It is a simple box - No control panel - and I have managed the server myself other than a few migrations from older servers over the years. Actually I did several migrations myself but around 2007 I started having professionals do them. It was last migrated to the current box in early 2012, if I remember correctly. There are no other users on the box.

The key here is I am considering the aspect of XF on a different domain and keep the old vB forum open (Read Only) for a year or so on a different domain.

Thanks for the feedback, Brogan. I very much appreciate it.


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I gave up my heavily modified 100K post 2008 vB board (been using vB since 2004) and imported it to xenForo with no modifications. It's hard to tell you what to do, but honestly I am glad I converted the board over to assess what mods my members really needed. It is a work in progress, however, the xenForo community here is strong and you will be glad you came.

Side note: I am in the process of converting a 2002 board I own, but the exported database has to be fixed first before I can convert the import properly.