Importing phpbb3 to XF1.1.2


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I have tried several different ways but I keep getting an error message

  • The attachments directory could not be found.
  • The avatars directory could not be found.
The phpbb forum is not in a sub-directory so it should be

But I keep getting the error message.
Apologies for the massive necro but figured it was better than starting a new thread for the same thing. Migrating from a phpbb forum hosted on a cPanel platform to XF on my own VPS and getting stuck on this import step.

Connection to the db is fine, always trips up on the files and avatars directories. They're in the root folder of the directory, same as the OP, but changing them to:
does not work, nor does:
../public_html/images/avatars/upload etc
or any other permutation. Is this maybe a htcaccess issue?
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