Importing or rather "injecting" Users from another DB


Hey guys,

I was not successful in finding a similar thread with the search function. I am looking to transfer ~200 users from an old database (webspell). I was hoping someone who knows his way around the insides of the xenforo framework would know where I can find the php code handeling user registration. My plan would be to run that script in a loop through all users/compatible user info from my old db.

I could also write a script from scratch alternatively. However that opens a whole set of new questions. Which tables have to be written in, what format do some data values have (PW MD5? which table is it stored in?), which values have to be unique, BLOBs(?) etc. I would be trial and erroring my way through this with countless potential sources for conflicts/problems.

Or maybe I'm thinking entirely in the wrong direction. My entire switch to xenforo hinges upon the successful transfer of all my users. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
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Each user must have a record in each of those tables.

The default auth handler (XenForo_Authentication_Core) stores passwords using one of two schemes:

sha1(sha1(password) . salt)


sha256(sha256(password) . salt)

But if your passwords don't use a compatible format then you can write your own auth handler. Or just ask your users to reset their passwords following the import.