Import users from another CMS

Hi, i have another CMS and have 920k users in my database. Password hashed with md5. My website is not forum so i just only want import my users. Can i import users?
I own the software and not in the list. Can't i just continue to use database ? I mean i will only import the username, password sections.


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I'm not sure what you mean by "continue to use database".

If you want those users to exist in XF, they will have to be imported and records created for them in the XF database.
That will require a custom importer.
I really want to use XenForo but if i can't import my data i would waste my $140. I have a simple database includes: username | password | email | register date | last-login

All data in one database. XenForo almost has a dozen user table. Is this possible to import all my data without loss and how much it will cost to me? I want to make sure i can import my data before i buy.


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Yes, it is possible to import data from any system.

I can't give you a price - it would depend on the developer and the amount of work required.

You can try contacting some who advertise in the third party services forum privately for quotes.