Design issue  Importing moderators issue: vb3.8->xf beta 5


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Regarding normal (not super) moderators: After a vb3.8 import the people which had the additional vb user group "Moderators" are put into the additional xf "Moderating" group (there is no xf "Moderators" group).... but after the xf import, while they indeed are listed as moderators for specific forums, and under admincp->users->moderators they are listed as 'Content Moderators'... when I view their profile I have the option to make them a Moderator (global, or non-global), or even an administrator. Very strange that xf seems to consider them moderators, and also not moderators at the same time.

There is also the bug regarding the vb Supermoderators wherein they are ignored completely i.e. if someone is in the vb Registered Users group with an additional Super Moderators user group after the import nothing happens - It treats the Super Moderators user group like all the other custom usergroups I have... and I need to add the Super Moderators manually.

Because it take only a few seconds to fix both issues, personally I am not going to worry about it for our forum. This is more of an fyi type thread.

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The first part is by design - the links on the user page aren't context aware. They're just to focus people on the fact that changing the user group doesn't make them an admin or mod.

Super moderators as secondary group members... that one may be quite tricky to fix.


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Ok, just wanted to give feedback. I did tidy up my first post to make it slightly easier to understand (hopefully).

I will continue to urge people to "check permissions thoroughly" and that should take care of any issues in real life, and I changed the thread title (feel free to change it again).