Importing Just Users from one XenForo form to another?


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Okay so I am trying to create a "multisite" like system... but not completely. All I want to really do is start my new forum out by having the same member base as my other forum so users from that forum can login to this new forum with their user accounts thats it. Just their username and passwords. Nothing else needs to be saved.

If this is possible let me know :)

Just one import of the user table i think would do it, but I am not skilled with any of this, so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.


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There is no method for importing directly from another XenForo installation.

You will have to go via a third party software such as vB, IPB or phpBB, assuming they have XenForo importers.

You can't just copy the contents of the user table, there are other linked tables involved.