XF 1.5 Importing from Xenforo to Xenforo

I am combining some Xenforo sites, importing the content from one domain into another domain. After the import is done, I would like to have the threads on the old domain redirect to the threads on the new domain. What is the best way to do this, as there don't seem to be any redirect scripts for Xenforo itself?


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I don't think there is one yet? :(

I am about to go through this myself - I have three XF 1.5 forums I'll be upgrading to XF2.0 and then merging together so will need redirects from the two other XF sites.

If there's not something available by the time I'm ready to do the upgrades, I'll look at building a redirect tool myself - but that won't help you right now unfortunately - I'm probably a couple of months away from being ready to upgrade and then merge the sites.