Importing from xenforo 2.2.15 to 2.3.Beta 2 error

Affected version
2.3.0 Beta 2
Can someone tell me where the error is because I have no idea what the problem is.

Starting import from XenForo 2.2...
 - Importing...
In AbstractStatement.php line 230:

  MySQL query error [1364]: Field 'notify_report' doesn't have a default value

xf:import [--processes PROCESSES] [--finalize]

Exception query:
  INSERT  INTO `xf_moderator` (`user_id`, `is_super_moderator`, `extra_user_group_ids`) VALUES (?, ?, ?) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE is_super_moderator = VALUES(is_super_moderator), extra_user_group_ids = VALUES(extra_user_group_ids)
If your doing this on local machine then you can still upgrade since it's not on production website. I upgrade on local test machine.
It is less prone to errors if you reinstall XF for testing purposes without any presettings and only then import the live site.

This also prevents problems that arise because XF necessarily installs new widgets during the upgrade without this being intended.

In detail, there are even more advantages when importing than upgrading, but everyone has to decide for themselves. ;)
There really aren't.

Importing is not a substitute for upgrading.
In my scenario this is the better and, above all, faster way.
I have a server with the Live Forum and password protected, an almost identical test installation. The data on the test installation is out of date, it should now be updated with the importer and only then will the upgrade run.

Only now, with the current data of the live site and after the upgrade to the new XF 2.3, can I really test it and "pagespeed" can tell me how the forum performs from the outside.

In this case, the importer is preferable to copying data with errors and then running the upgrade.
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