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Importing from another forum wiping Likes ?

Discussion in 'XenForo Pre-Sales Questions' started by Alassien, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. Alassien

    Alassien New Member

    Is it possible to Wipe out all the "Likes" when IMporting from ipb.

    I am sure its just a query you would have to run, if so what would it be? Would it remove the likes from posts as well ?
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  2. TheLaw

    TheLaw Well-Known Member

    The guys will have to answer this but here is the issue - what page are the likes attached to? If it's a general forum index page, e.g. mysite.com/forum/ or /index.php, it would see possible not to lose those likes from the page. However, if you're talking about individual pages, you'd have to make sure that the IPB URLs are maintained.

    I don't know how you set them up. I love IPB's product but I think that the URL structure, unless you really know what you're doing, can be mixed up pretty badly, especially with regard to setting up the CMS. My gut feeling is that if you're here the Likes aren't going to be missed and you can always get some back -- and probably get even more using the software. It's very contagious.
  3. Alassien

    Alassien New Member

    haha I understand, just wondering, I was talking about just the individual likes, is it possible to remove the current ones, so we can start fresh for the likes part of the forums ?

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