Importing from another forum database to new XF install


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Hi all

Now the dust has settled on the law suit and things look rosey again for Xenforo I am starting my conversion adventure planning. I will be purchasing Xenforo this month to convert my VB 4 forum over to it in an attempt to revitalise my site.

At this stage I only have one question and that relates to importing users. I assume Xenforo, like other forum software, requires an initial user to be created to become the master administrator for the site. That user usually gets allocated user ID #1 and all other users follow on from that number. However, on my VB site, I am userid #1 and the master administrator so was wondering how this was handled during a database import. As all my posts on my current forum are tied to my userid, just how does the importer differentiate between the Xenforo userid #1 and the imported userid #1? Will the resulting import end up causing a workload for me to get my number 1 userid back under my username?

I hope that all makes sense and someone can explain the implications for me.

Thanks in advance

Wow, I hardly had time to to check my site and come back before you answered my question! Outstanding stuff, thanks Brogan!!! That helps heaps, one more thing ticked off my concern list.

I have not done an import of vBulletin to xenForo since 2010, but if I remember correctly usediD 1 is setup initially --then you merge the imported vBulletin database and accept/merge userID 1 from vBulltein database to the existing/newly created xenForo database, thus keeping userID 1.
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