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I was wondering if it's possible for data to be pulled from a jSON webpage into a members profile?

Basically, our forums is a fan forum of a mobile gaming application, and we want to be able to pull data from a players profile in-game and import it into their forums profile, such as their stats and raid videos. The developers have said they will allow the forums server IP to make requests and export the data to a jSON webpage.

In essence, here is how it would work:
  1. A player enters their link code, from the settings menu in-game, when they first register to the forums or via their profile page if they're already registered - this retrieves their stats and "Player ID".
  2. The Player ID is then stored in a custom field and used to make requests from the game servers for the players stats and raid videos.
  3. When the data has been requested the gaming server will output the stats and raid videos to a jSON webpage for the forums to retrieve the data.
  4. The data then needs to be put into the members profile. The data which is being imported is stats such as power, defense, Mafia Name, In-game username (it would be preferable that the color codes was imported and displayed in color on the member block), recent raid videos, etc.
  5. Once the profile has been linked, the user gets added to a specific usergroup called "Player ID Confirmed".
For it to be effective, it must be able to do the following:
  1. Player ID must only be viewable by the user and select usergroups
  2. Only selected usergroups can de-link the in-game account from the forums account. The user must not be able to de-link the account themselves
  3. The user or selected usergroups can refresh the stats, but only once every X amount of time
  4. Have as little impact on the gaming server as possible
  5. Stats must be updated automatically every X amount of time.
Please can someone tell me if this is possible. If so, how much to code it?

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