Importing certain users?


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Okay, say I have this forum up and running for years already, and now I am to split it and make a new forum out of a section of forum 1.

Forum 1
Section 1
Section 2

Ie: Splitting Section 2 and making that into a new forum, Forum 2.

Say I want to 'move' my moderators to moderate the new forums, and myself too, can I do that? Meaning, will the said users be able to have the their post counts, user details, # of thanks and things like that on both forums? Or must they start all over at Forum 2?

Ie user A with 2000 posts(200 is from Section 2 that is to be split)
My question is, will the user have 2000 posts on forum 1 and 2, or 1800 @ Forum 1 and 200 @ Forum 2.

Jake Bunce

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There is no XF to XF import system so you can't "move" content between different installations. If you wanted to split one installation into two then you would have to duplicate the database and then prune the content you don't want at which point they would be separate installations. Any users that exist on both installations would be separate and would not share post counts.