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Lack of interest Importer for UBB

After being a client of UBB for almost 10 years, I would like to switch to a Message Board System which offers more features.

Pleas include a UBB Importer and do not forget a lot of themes! The success of Message Boards is also in the presence.
Not sure on what the take up for an importer from ubb.threads would be?

If they release an importer from IPB, you could always go to IPB and then to XF - probably not as easy, but doable.


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There are numerous tasks ahead and importers are amongst those tasks. Of course we will need to evaluate developing importers according to demand.
(Edit) Of course there is always what Ian said!
Im sure their will be importers for all the main forum boards, even if its not a system released by XenForo like ImpEx, individual coding sites will provide them, just give it some time (oh and wait for a release ;) )