XF 1.1 Imported users no message form on Profile


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Import was from VB 3.7.
A few users created since the import to my new XF 1.1 are fine - have profile post form. (Users are created by me, no open registration.)
But the old imported users from VB3.7 do not have a profile message form.

I added the Start conversation button in 2 places in the profile page.
Worked on XF 1.0, and displays on my new users since import. Not on the old users.

Definitely something not right for the old users communications!

Note you cannot see profile fields on this install.
I would have to create access for someone on here I know.

The custom fields are a not right - the user's statement in one field is showing up in another. But I can patiently correct that by hand. (Only a small membership and not alerted yet.) Just mentioned in case this is relevant.