XF 1.5 Imported database increased in size


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I have a very small xf database (147.83 MB) that I exported for my dev install and after importing it to my fresh dev db, the size is now 221.37 MB

What would cause a 75mb increase?

Thank you for any input :)
OK, had a look and this is the xf_admin_log table side by side using split view, exported db is on the left and after import on the right...

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 16.20.59.webp

That appears to be about 74MB increase and the rows have pretty much tripled
That table logs the action that are displayed on the Admin Log in the Admin Panel. You can truncate it.

Strange though, why its size will increase during the import.
The only rebuild I have done since the import was a search index rebuild while testing something out with [FS] Events add-on, but that rebuild was after I noticed the increased db size.

Other than that, I haven't performed any rebuilds.
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