Important request for xenforo experts

Hello.I'm running my own games servers project.For this i bought a xenforo.
I know nothing about it , so i need a very experienced person with xenforo who is able to make all settings , scripts , even design would be very good!For this work i will pay money , we will make an agreement.
Please contact with me if you are interested , because i really need help.
Hi , sorry for the delay.
So, would be really awesome if you could make a good xenforo site for me.For example , or are pretty good variants, they are running game servers communities , but I believe you could do even better.Good design , perfect settings and so on.I don't have any specific things , but it should be a good design and good settings , that's all.Also would be good to have a registration through a steam or some other nice scripts.
So , if you could , write a price for it.I really don't have a big budget for it , but i believe you won't ask much.Thx in advance.