Import VBulletin 4.2.1, VBSeo 3.6.0, use API


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I am thinking about switching platform for my forum. Actually I am using VBulletin 4.2 with VBseo for SEO optimization.

I would like to know the possibilities that Xenforo offers in order to switch to it. I would like not to loose urls and optimization.

Plus I would need to integrate Xenforo with my csm (I developed it using Codeigniter/PHP) developing a custom user management system (registration, profile, password recovery, facebook login, etc). For this reason I would like to know if are available API or other services in order to interact with Xenforo.

Is possible to do all of this?

May I have a full list of links?



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There is a built in importer for vB 4.x, as well as some third party importers.
See the FAQ in my signature for what is imported.

Redirection scripts will ensure existing indexed links are redirected.

There is no official API but there are several third party resources here: Resources