Import two communities into one.

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Currently I'm very interested in buying XenForo, I currently I have two communities, one with vBulletin, and the other with "IPB" which I want to put together in a single, migrating both to XenForo.

So, is it possible to migrate these two communities into one installation XenForo? can someone give me an idea of how to do it.


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Yes, you can use the built in importers to import both into one XenForo instance.

The pre-sales FAQ in my signature shows what is imported from each one.
Thank you very much for your answer.

I have another question, is no way for a test of these imports, before purchasing the license.

And another question I have is, I know there may be users with the same name, my solution is to place a prefix before the name, if users want to change the name, then they make a request. Is there any other solution for this problem?


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Unfortunately not, the online demo does not support importing.

Duplicate names will be flagged during the import - you will be presented with the choice of merging or changing the details.


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Yes this is definitely possible. I didn't merge 2 communities from different softwares, but I did merge 2 forums into 1. I, originally, imported my own forum from vB4 to XenForo a little over a year ago. Then, just last week actually, I imported another forum that I acquired (also vB4). Everything worked flawlessly, and with the help of some of the guys here I was able to redirect all the threads to their new location too. That means that within minutes of making the change Google was already crawling the threads on the new site.
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Which would entail either a registered copy of the software (either his or someone that has a test site using a valid copy set up as one) or....... :cautious:


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Create a new directory, install xenForo there, import the vB4 database there, then import the IPB database there. Done.

Move your xenForo directory to which website you intend to host it at.