XF 1.5 Import specific user to specific ID


I'm migrating from a VB4 installation. I've already done the blank backup so I can revert at any time. I want to get these little things sorted before I bring XF live.

The previous owner was ID 1 on the old VB forum. I'm ID 1 on the new XF forum. So naturally, his profile wasn't imported into ID 1 since mine was already there. Is there a way to import his user credentials into my old spot (which is 237 and vacant at the moment)? Can it be accomplished w/ an SQL copy? Or import mine into 237 so that his is imported into 1 on the next attempt?



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So user ID 1 is always a partial merge for technical reasons. However, we don't change the password or email of user 1 and we always keep them as an administrator. However, the rest of the details come from the source.

The best approach in this case would be for you to register your XF user with an email that you know isn't in the source database (before importing). This should prevent an unexpected user merge. If you want then afterwards, you can change the user ID 1 info back to match the original user (note that user ID 1 is the super admin out of the box, so you'll want to check their permissions).


Another option is to
ALTER TABLE `xf_user` AUTO_INCREMENT=100000000;
when installing blank XF (just before creating the first user). When installation is complete, run
and edit

After import is done, you can just delete this user.