XF 2.0 Import results question(s)

I have imported my vB4.2.5 forum to xF2.0.2 on my laptop in a test situation. The xF forum is looking good.

I was playing around with the Admin stuff in preparation for eventually converting the live forum in a few weeks (or a month)!!

Anyway, I am obviously the Administrator, but I noticed that when I attempted to create a post in the forum section I use for our Moderators, which is not accessible to the regular membership, I see at the bottom of the page "You have insufficient privileges to post here"

I would have thought that vB forum permissions would have followed through with the import. Is this an issue or do I have something else to do to make that work. I did login to my local xF forum as my test user who is not an administrator, and that user does not see the forum at all on the home forum page, which is good.

Thanks in advance


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Permissions are mapped across but sometimes they aren't reproduced exactly.

We always recommend that all user groups and permissions are checked after importing, to ensure everything is as expected.

It sounds like you have some tweaking to do post-import to get everything working as planned.