XF 1.2 Import Questions


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I am getting ready to do my import from vb 3.8 and I have some questions :)

1. vbulletin 3.8 is in the /forums/ directory. Now if I install xenforo in a /temp/ directory, finish the import and get it all ready to go live, am I then able to change my forums directory to oldforums and change temp to forums?

2. If the above is a yes, what do I need to know and do about the redirection script as 1, I have vbseo and 2, I will be installing in another directory first. As my site is a bigboard I don't want to get the redirections wrong and cause more damage to my google rank.


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1. Yes. Just switch the board URL in the options.
2. I believe there is a link that can help you with vBSEO redirects. As long as you make the redirects post directory move, you'll be fine. I believe this tool is called "XFSeo".


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Yes, that's what I meant. There are several threads here that could help you, but if you post old URLs and new URLs someone can surely help you.