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import from photopost

hello, I have a few questions regarding the XMG addon.

I installed the media gallery and did the import (no errors reported) however it seems not all the files were imported (of the 8 GB of media only about 3.5 GB was imported). none of the video files were imported (mpeg, qt, mp4, etc). Do I need to setup allowed file types somewhere prior to import?

when running the import do I always have to start from scratch? if I rerun the import will I have duplicate media content?
If I first deinstall the add-on will the media be deleted from the file system and the XMG related tables dropped from the database?

in photopost, in addition to any admin defined categories, there was also a "members area" category (setup by default) where you could see each users uploaded files. in XMG I was not able to find a way to do this as no members area category was created. Any user albums (sub-folders under the members area) are however visable. so Im not able to navigate by username to see only their files.

these are the file types im trying to import and configured these in XMG prior to photopost import:
png jpg jpeg jpe gif
pdf xls doc zip
wmv mov mp4 mpeg mpg avi asf mod

I installed a test forum and started from a clean database (with xenforo, minus XMG). installed XMG, ran photopost import. The PDFs and video files were not imported.

Im also not able to upload a PDF or any video file to the gallery (video hosted on server, not embedded). Only looking to be able to download the video file from the server, not streaming.
Quotas are disabled and file limits set to "unlimited".

In this link from May 2013, I found a comment that video and other file types will supported in the future. Im not sure if Im doing something wrong or if the feature has not been implemented yet?
Xen Media Gallery (Media Gallery for XenForo) [Paid] [Deleted]

If this feature is planned for the future, I would like to go ahead and install XMG on the live server. But not sure how I would import the missing media files later. Running the import again would duplicate all media files that are already in place?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
We only support image uploads and embedded media at the moment. PDFs, video files and others won't be imported.
thank you for your answer. I also had a question re partial import and import of these files later? is that easy to do e.g. re-run import at a later time from the old database without duplicating existing content?

is support for other media file types in the near future realistic?

any possibility to provide a simple custom "hack" (paid) to allow simply storing these files in the gallery (i have a dedicated category for documents and for videos)? I dont need any special processing of these other files types other than being able to upload them and then download them from a link (basically that is all that photopost does with these file types). dont need any special thumbnails etc.

I really like your gallery and would like to use it. When I purchased XMG the important part to me was that it could import from photopost without any particular media type restrictions, and I didnt see any mentions of any restrictions.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
I don't know what will be happening with additional media types or when or what will happen with regards to importing that in the future.

There are no specific mentions of those restrictions in terms of the import process as it ought to be rather clear from using the demo and details of the product that only images and embedded media are supported at this time.

Suggestions and custom development requests can be made in the appropriate forums.