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import from IP.Gallery 5


Active member
Before I purchase the media add-on I would like to know if I am able to import images from IP.Gallery 5.0.x? It says that I am able to import from IP.Board 3.4.x but IP.Gallery is a different application.
@denam, we are going to try importing to @sonnb 's XenGallery (his importer is excellent!) and then try to import from there to Media Gallery. We tried it once and the import to Media Gallery hung on one image and repeatedly put it in, thousands of times.... :( Going to be trying again today. Really is a shame that Media Gallery does have the option to import directly.


Active member
Yeah, it is a shame but I bet that there will be eventually an importer.
An other problem is that most of our IP.Gallery images have a description attached which have much more characters that the allowed limit in Media Gallery. I guess that those image descriptions could be important as the first image comment moving all other comments further along.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
The title and description length in XenForo Media Gallery is fully customisable, so you would just need to set that before importing. Though if you're going via another Gallery importer you would also need to see if there was any adjustable constraints from that.


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Thanks Chris D, I did not know that.
But since the description is placed on top of the image in Media Gallery and there is no wysiwyg editor available for the description I would still prefer to import our descriptions as the first comment of the image. We have very long descriptions (+300 words) with lots of color formatting and different font sizes going on.