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John L.

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Hi All,

Is there a way to transfer trophy data from one forum to the next? I have two forums and I setup a lot of interesting trophies on one forum and it was a pain to go through and make them. I would like to simply copy that data and put it on my second forum then modify it slightly to fit my forum. Is there a simple way to do this or even a hackish way? Thanks!
You could just export the xf_trophy table using PHP My Admin and then import it to your other database after clearing the existing xf_trophy table there.

However, that will only export the trophy ID, the number of points and the criteria.

The title and description of each trophy is automatically phrased, in the format of "trophy_{id}_description" and "trophy_{id}_title".

I can't think an easy way of exporting the phrases out of one database to another as they are all mapped and compiled. It might just be a case of exporting the xf_phrase table, importing the xf_phrase table and then rebuilding the phrases cache but whether that will work or not, I don't know.

It might just be as straight forward to re-do the phrases manually.
I suppose I'll be working on re-creating my trophies haha. It would be nice if this was either an addon or a feature recommendation, but who I am kidding with new features...-_-
Well you're half way there with my recommendation above. At least you will have the trophies created with the criteria etc.

Creating phrases isn't ever such a long task so I'm certain you'd get it done pretty quick.
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