Import Data - Can`t select any system


I can`t continue with import process, because I can`t choose anything from drop-down list:

What I can do in this situation?
I already closed installed board (xenForo), tried "debug-mode" and looked in "Server Error Log" - there is nothing.

Thanks for your time.
d you tried to upload the XF Files again?
Its no use. I tried clean reinstall, and nothing changed.
Any idea, why this is happening? Maybe some permission issue?
What files are requesting for this drop-down list? Where I need to look?

Thanks for your reply.


maybe you misunderstood me, try to UPLOAD (FTP) all the files again, sometimes that can be a solution. otherwise check if the chmod's are correct.


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The files are read out of the Importer directory, so re-uploading would be the first and most important course of action.

Looks like all this case was caused by high restrictions of chmod.
For import, I applied chmod 777 to all files and directories, and, voila! Now I can select system to import from. :)

Later, I`ll make some tests about setting "read" ability to "/library/XenForo/Importer" directory.

Thanks for your feedback!