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XF 1.5 Import, customize, delete everything then finally import again?

I'm in the process of moving from vB to XF but I think it would be best to do the customisations and everything and make sure that it all works if there are posts/threads there. But it is advised that we should not create any content if we want the imported posts/threads to maintain their IDs so how should I go about it? Can I create content, do the customizations, see if it works and then delete everything before doing the import? Or can I do the import now, do the customizations then delete posts & threads to do a latest import? It would be better, I think, if I can import and do the customizations on the real content that we have. But how do I delete all posts/threads/nodes after that so I can do a latest import just when making the switch?

Mr Lucky

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As far as I know you need to import into a clean installation.

However if your customisation is purely within the style templates or properties as opposed to the core options, phrases etc. then you can create a custom style and export it.

You can then import this into a clean installation after the import
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