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Implementing Authorship (Google) For Select Users or User-Groups On Forum?


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Google's Authorship recognises the authors and displays their photograph in search results. This is an effective tool. We implement this for our blog posts. So I'm wondering whether it's possible to implement the same for select users on the forums.

Few of the members on our website contribute really amazing and original content as new threads and I believe the 'platform' [Blog Vs. Forum] shouldn't matter where the content is being generated.

Is there a way to implement Google Authorship for select users / usergroups on the forum?


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In reading and understanding the way it works is that it's tied to Google+. According to the instructions, authors should include their pen name in the thread or post where their content appears. That name should match their Google+ profile, which then Google will pick it up and tie it to their profile.

Therefore, it would be up to the author to include their valid Google+ profile name to achieve the desired result that you originally inquired about.

The other method to link content relies on each authored piece to include the profile link of their Google+ information: http://support.google.com/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1408986&expand=option2 (this same information is linked from the GWT Author's page.)


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I think this should be an addon :)
May not so much an addon, but maybe just a custom user field that links to their Google+ profile and then stick something in the postbit showing the Google+ profile.

That would be my first idea.

Second idea:

Addon: Add a check box when creating a thread/post to include the member's Google+ profile (details entered by the user on their personal details page) as a part of the post, like where the date/time of post and edit options shows.


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Okay I finished it, just testing it out now. Gotta see if this actually shows up in search results, so I have to wait for awhile.