images upload as landscape only :/


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it seems like im having this weird problem where images will only upload as attachments to posts in the "landscape" direction even though they are in the "portrait" position on my computer. click on insert thumbnail/full image confirms this. i can't seem to change it. is there a setting im missing? thanks!


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Check the original files on your PC.

Some software has the ability to auto-rotate them, so although they may be displayed in portrait mode, they are in fact landscape.

The only actions which are performed on upload are resizing, if the options have been set.


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nope, ive double checked them in adobe lightroom, photoshop, etc... it's still rotating the image into a landscape size when uploading to my xenforo site.

okay, im attaching the image to this post, and it seems to be doing it for as well.


im using a macbook pro... ill try it on my windows install and see what happens.


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oh, nevermind. seems like the mac is auto-rotating the image into portrait mode. in windows it shows it's true rotation. bah!

any mac users know how to disable this?