XF 2.0 Solved - Images shot in portrait auto ordinate to landscape?


XF 2.0.9
Default theme.
Addon list below.

Looking for some ideas for a solution.

Problem - Pictures taken on a phone in portrait mode will auto ordinate to landscape.
Problem only seems to be my forum as I have texted 3 other xf2 forums and no issues.
If I re-save the attached image below and upload to my forum I dont not have this problem.
I am not up to par on how XF handles EXIF data or if it can be cleared upon upload.

Trouble shooting
I have ran 100% mod disabled. - Same issue.
I have only 100% deleted a few mod's having to do with image adjustment.
GD - same issue.
Imagemagick. - Same issues.
Uploaded from phone - same issue
emailed photo and uploaded from comptuer - same issue
re-saved the image below and uploaded - NO ISSUE, it uploads correctly. Assuming because EXIF date is no longer transferred.

Any ideas as to what/where to look.
?? Xf settings or Server settings.
Please, need guidance.

My addon list.
[AddonFlare] Paid Ads

[AddonFlare] Paid Ads 1.0.1
Allow users to easily purchase ads by location, placement, duration, etc.
Developer: AddonFlare FAQ Support

[J] Auto Complete Location 1.2.0
[XenConcept] Login As User

[XenConcept] Login As User 2.0.3
This addon allow Connect to another user.
Developer: Remi C FAQ Support

Advanced Forms 1.0.9
Create forms that users can fill out on your site.
Developer: Snog FAQ
Change author

Change author 1.3
Allows changing the author of a post.
Developer: XF2 Addons
Change date

Change date 1.6
Allows changing the date and time of a post.
Developer: XF2 Addons
Convert image

Convert image 1.7
Converts hot linked images to attachments.
Developer: XF2 Addons
Featured thumbs

Featured thumbs 1.2
Displays three random attachments updated every 10 minutes.
Developer: XF2 Addons
Insert attachment

Insert attachment 1.2
Automatically inserts image attachments into the message.
Developer: XF2 Addons
Open PDF

Open PDF 1.0
Opens PDF attachments in the browser.
Developer: XF2 Addons

SEO (SEO2) 1.8.1
Decide for yourself and effectively which content is indexed from the search engine. And many more...
Developer: au lait Support SEO2 on XenForo Reviews

Tapatalk 1.1.3
Tapatalk - Mobile First Community Platform - Free forum mobile app, Free forum hosting, Managed Hosting for forums
Developer: Tapatalk.com FAQ Support

VigLink 1.1.3
Developer: VigLink FAQ
Watermark System (STWM2)

Watermark System (STWM2) 1.1.3
Watermark for Images in Posts, RM, MG and others
Developer: au lait Support STWM2 on XenForo Reviews
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